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At Yates & Taylor, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, we take pride in our experience and long-term success in estate and probate law. Our skilled and dedicated attorneys, our personable and capable staff, and the experienced CPA’s and financial planners that work with us to meet our clients’ needs are committed to building on their reputation for excellence.

Whether you are planning for the financial future of your loved ones and yourself or need to go to court on a trust or probate related matter, we have the experience and skills you need. The following are some of the major issues we help clients address every day:

  • Wills : Many people believe that the only estate planning they need is a “basic” will. Every will, however, is a complex document that requires careful attention. Our Tampa estate planning attorneys draft wills that are specific to our clients’ individual needs and goals.
  • Trusts : An estate planning measure that may significantly simplify the eventual process of administering your estate is the placement of all or some of your assets in a trust. Placing your assets in trust can be a cost-efficient means of protecting your loved ones, such as minors, elders and individuals with special needs, by directing who will manage your assets for their benefit and providing guidance and instructions for their care. Your trust can also provide for your care during a period of incapacity, and it can avoid tax issues that could otherwise be costly to your estate.
  • Trust administration: If you choose to place your assets in a trust for your benefit and/or the benefit of your loved ones, our firm can assist you and your family in administering your trust, managing your trust assets and making distributions.
  • Probate administration : Our firm has a strong reputation throughout Central Florida for our thorough, detail-oriented approach to probate administration.
  • Probate litigation : Our attorneys have the experience and dedication to vigorously protect our clients’ rights in litigation over will and probate administration disputes.
  • Trust litigation : Because trusts are not overseen by the courts, trust disputes can be particularly difficult to resolve. Our firm regularly represents clients in trust litigation, reviewing and analyzing trust documents and accounting records to determine whether trust assets have been mismanaged and defending trustees who have been wrongfully accused by beneficiaries.
  • Creditors and probate : Our attorneys frequently represent banks, businesses and other creditors seeking to collect debts from the estates of deceased debtors.
  • Protecting beneficiaries : If you have been named as a beneficiary in a will, retaining a lawyer can be an appropriate step in furtherance of your rights and interests.
  • Guardianships : Our firm strongly advises clients to plan ahead to avoid guardianship, but we also assist clients with establishing guardianships when necessary.

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We assist clients with estate planning by preparing wills and trusts with the goal of establishing an orderly plan for the distribution of assets – during the client’s life and following the client’s death – according to the client’s wishes.

— Carla B. Yates