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Tampa Probate and Estate Litigation Attorney Referrals

Florida Estate and Probate Administration Lawyers

At Yates & Taylor, P.A., we offer extensive experience in Florida estate and probate law. Our founding attorney, Carla B. Yates, has been practicing in these areas for over 20 years, and our support staff brings more than 25 years of combined experience to the firm.

Many of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys, and we welcome collaboration with colleagues from all different disciplines. Our firm is well known throughout the Tampa Bay area for our ability to provide skilled assistance to other lawyers.

Welcoming Referrals From All Sources

There are many reasons why an attorney may wish to refer a case to us. Our Tampa-based firm accepts estate and probate administration and litigation referrals from a wide range of sources, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Estate administration lawyers who do not litigate and whose clients have gotten involved in probate or trust disputes
  • Real estate lawyers whose clients need to probate loved ones’ estates in order to transfer title to real property
  • Personal injury lawyers who need to open estates in probate in order to pursue survival actions on behalf of people who have died
  • Debt collection lawyers whose clients need assistance collecting on debts owed by people who have died
  • Out-of-state lawyers whose clients need help administering estates, establishing guardianships or protecting their beneficiary rights in Florida

Our firm is held in high esteem throughout the Tampa Bay area. Attorney Carla B. Yates serves as a court-appointed fiduciary, reflecting her reputation for effectively and sensitively dealing with complex issues.

If your clients need assistance from an experienced Florida estate and probate attorney, please call us at 813-463-8744 or 888-450-2930 or send us an e-mail to learn more about our firm.


We assist clients with estate planning by preparing wills and trusts with the goal of establishing an orderly plan for the distribution of assets – during the client’s life and following the client’s death – according to the client’s wishes.

— Carla B. Yates