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Probate Litigation Lawyer

Experienced Florida Probate Lawyer

At The Yates Law Firm, we vigorously protect our clients’ interests during probate litigation. Our law firm, established in 1987, is dedicated to matters related to estates, trusts and Florida probate. Because of our focus on this area, our depth of experience and knowledge is respected throughout the Florida legal community.
As a result of our reputation for highly knowledgeable and aggressive representation in litigated probate matters, other law firms send their clients to us. These attorneys know that we will handle their clients’ matters with the same dedication and thoroughness that we give our own clients.

Issues in Probate Litigation

Florida law is very clear about the probate administration process, but disputes arise nevertheless. Our probate lawyer uses her knowledge and experience to pursue the best possible outcomes for our clients in situations such as these:

  • Disputed will: Was the decedent of sound mind when the will was drafted? Was coercion or deception used to influence the decedent?

  • Undisclosed assets: Are there assets that were not included in the estate? Was this an intentional or accidental oversight?

  • Misrepresentation: Were the qualifications of the personal representative misrepresented or overstated?

  • Financial mismanagement: Is the personal representative failing to manage the estate’s assets according to the provisions of the will? Is that individual exhibiting bias or improper conduct? Has there been a breach of fiduciary duty?

Whether the matter involves a will or a trust, our law firm advises clients about the best course of action when estate disputes arise. Call our law office at either 813-254-6516 or 888-450-2930 or send us an e-mail to arrange for your initial consultation with a probate litigation attorney.


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