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Probate Creditor Lawyer

Representing Creditors in Probate

At The Yates Law Firm, we represent businesses and individuals seeking to collect on debts owed by deceased parties. We provide effective advocacy to creditors in probate courts throughout the Tampa Bay area.
Our founding attorney, Carla B. Yates, has over 35 years of Florida probate law experience. She has gained a comprehensive understanding of, and well-rounded perspective on, probate cases through her representation of personal representatives, beneficiaries and other parties

Protecting the Financial Interests of Individual and Business Creditors

Probate collections is a delicate area in which creditors must assert their financial interests at times when families are grieving for the loss of their loved ones. We are experienced in representing creditors in these situations in a professional, constructive fashion.

In order to do an effective job of collecting on a debt owed by someone who has died, your lawyer needs a detailed understanding of the Florida probate process.

Our firm is dedicated exclusively to estate and probate law. We are familiar with the timing of the probate process and the provisions affecting creditors’ rights and debt collection in probate court. We are also adept at negotiating debt settlements with personal representatives.

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Based in Tampa, we serve clients throughout the State of Florida. If you need assistance collecting on a promissory note in probate court, please call us at 813-254-6516 or 888-450-2930 or send us an e-mail to schedule a consultation.

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